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Experiments and Experiences

Knowing that a change is needed, does not make change happen. 

Change happens when we experience how the change feels, and when we have a community that seeks that change together.


Over the years, Ps Jenni has run various programs in her dream to help others live with authenticity, integrity and courage. This has required strengthening the soul-core, awakening senses, refreshing imaginations. 

We welcome you to join us, to begin to think and feel differently about your life, and to make the changes you know are necessary for you to really live.

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There is nothing more fundamental and life-giving than giving time to nurture our personal relationship with God. It is the foundation for all of our lives -- for Christians are people who live from the inside out. This means that we are learning to live a radical new way of life that is marked by love. A life that grows with Intention and Discipline.

Quiet Hour happens twice a month to help us build a more tender heart towards God and ourselves. It will enable us to love others better.

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Conversations are a great way to share life. And when life is shared, we multiply our sense of connection to one another, depth of insights and the gifts we offer one another with our presence.

Come and meet others in the TRL community and savour life's experiences over a cuppa tea with its many flavours.

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When we feed our minds with wholesome inputs, our thought processes get stronger. When we share our learnings with others, we gain more clarity and insight.

This is why we have a bookclub, to read and share good stuff to help each other grow to really live!

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Come Rest...and Practise Sabbath

Busy city-living acclimates us to accept that being tired, rushed and even grumpy are normal. 


They are not.


God did not design us to live at a pace that we find hard to explain and sustain.

Although God did not need rest, He stopped on the seventh day and ordained that humanity live within our limits by learning to cease, rest and renew.


If the Good News made possible by Jesus is that there is a new way to live, it will include a new pace of life too.

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Life gets hard and it can prevent us from really living. 

In.habit is a special space curated for those times when you feel wounded, worn and weary. 

A space to breathe, and just be - and receive from the Source of Life. 

We welcome everyone from all faiths and walks of life.

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Shepherds' Shalom

2019 birthed a vision to encourage the city’s pastors to disrupt and dive for the subterranean stream of Eternal Love. Covid seemed to upend it, but in fact, made it more obvious that it was necessary. So with a group of artists, we curate monthly mini-retreats, just for our pastors.

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City living is busy and noisy. After the launch of her book, Be Still And Know: treasures from silence to transform your life, Jenni thought of spaces where we are asked to be silent. More than just refraining from making noise, what if we used these spaces as opportunities to be less afraid of silence, to befriend it as an invitation to slow and savour? 


Retreats for Beginners

Taking a break to really rest, not a vacation, can be daunting. What does one do? We love these beginner retreats that gently guides us to get comfortable with the quiet, to relax and enjoy being alone, and find that Joy can be such a sweet gift without fanfare.

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