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So glad you are here! I am Ps Jenni.

My first experiences of life were sparse, chaotic and dotted with traumatic events. Perhaps so, I grew up with a thirst for life. 

From a young age, I felt aware that there is more to life than the daily slog, the squabbles between neighbours and relatives, the stresses and strife all around. But it seemed always a little beyond reach.

Yet magically, Life seemed to reach out to me. The sparrows’ happy chirps, the contented cat, the helpful old lady selling ice popsicles by the road side, the comfort of my mom’s presence, the crazy laughter with friends, the worlds that opened up on screen and in books.


I know that this yearning for Life and the touch of Life on our lives is not unique to me. All of us know this. Why not make it a proper pursuit?

And by that, we do not recommend the FOMO approach, shop-till-you-drop, or exotic vacays (when that is possible again?). Instead, we invite you right where you are!

Love, Ps Jenni

Our Team Members



My singular passion in life is to live it to the full and help others to do the same. Familiar with hunger pangs and hand-me-downs, I know you don’t have to be rich to be rich. Come ask your Q, share your story and explore Life with us.



Hello! My name is Jackii. I have come to learn that soul care through a community is very important to live well. As one receives, heals & grow, we can also give and support. Discover your gems as you explore, ponder and share with us!



I’m Ruby and I believe there’s much more to life than work-play & repeat. To discover that, I realise I have to be intentional to explore and design my life around my core values. I love hearing how others are seeking to do life well.



Hi, I'm Jessica (a.k.a Auntjess). Life may feel chaotic but I hope to bring order out of chaos, while learning to ride the waves of change as they roll in from time to time! Come on life's adventure with me & the TRL team as we learn what it means To Really Live!



Hi, Joanna here! After a season of a big pause button on work, I've discovered more of what really feeds my soul and makes my heart sing. If you are drawn to creative pursuits and authentic community, let's connect!



I enjoy spending time in nature as my senses are opened to discover the beauty of creation. Through the community, I have discovered how to live more intentionally with structure and rhythm set in place. Come join us as we discover life together!

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