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Interviews & Insights

BurnoutWendy & Ruby
00:00 / 254:38:24

It's tempting to work like a machine or live with a Saviour mentality, overloading ourselves on the highway of stress without a moment's pause. Hear Wendy's experience of living with work exhaustion and recovering from burnout.

EmotionsJenni Ho-Huan
00:00 / 30:54

We are first emotional beings before we develop rationality. Often, we find our emotions a jumble, sometimes reflected in our chaos of space and speed. Join this conversation and embrace your emotional wealth

Reflection of 2021Estelle, Ruby, Joanna & Pastor Jenni
00:00 / 789:28:00

Hello 2022. TRL team members decided to come together and create space to reflect on 2021.

In this episode, we shared about how we’re living out the TRL ethos of Slow, Savour & Serve with all that life has thrown at us, and what excites us about really living in 2022.

SavourJenni & Ruby
00:00 / 23:24

Did you know that humans have more than a hundred taste buds? But we aren’t just talking enjoying food. What are some things that we gain when we savour? Listen in as Jenni and Ruby discuss how savouring is central to real living.

ServeJenni & Ruby
00:00 / 298:10:03

Yes, we all serve, knowingly, willingly or otherwise. Jenni talks about why this is the third pillar to help us really live. You would want to check out what it is that you serve, and whether it serves you.

SlowJenni Ho & Ruby Tan
00:00 / 23:26

What does it mean to slow down? Why is it so important? How can we possibly do so in a busy city? Hear all about these and more as Jenni and Ruby unpacks the first pillar to really living.

Why Silence MattersJenni Ho-Huan
00:00 / 29:47

Jenni demystifies silence and helps us see how crucial we need it for our wholeness and vitality as it impacts our relationships and all that matters to us.

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