What's a FISHY meet-up?

Glad you asked!

FISHY meet-up is an online or on-site, in-person gathering for all members of the TRL community.
Come when you need, when you want... to share, to glean, to be challenged.

Why is it FISHY?

Well, it’s actually an acronym for:

F ood (for stomach or thought)

I dea (this is a selected subject we consider together)

S hare (your take on it)

H opes (where we desire growth in the subject)

Y earning (what is happening at gut level and soul depths)

So yes, it won’t be light socialisation. We want to give the 90 mins to some solid, loving exchange that will see us come away nourished to really live.

Water Ripple

When’s the next FISHY meet-up?


Date: 27 November 2021 (Sat)

Time: 2pm (+8:00 GMT)​

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 876 4926 3120
Passcode: FISHY

Do join our Facebook group for updates and jump into our conversations there!

Ps Jenni is responding to a call of God to move the narrative in city-living towards a more life-giving tone. If you would like to support our movement, you may do so through:

  • Giving (contact us for details)

  • Inviting others to join, yes! 

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