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How does Quiet Hour Work?


Quiet Hour (QHour) has two parts:


  • Personal Solitude: this is your own time with God. Ps Jenni prays and prepares these guides each month. It will be available in the first and third week of each month. You can plan your best time to pull away to be present to God and yourself.


  • Group Sojourning: Join with others who are seeking to live from a deeper place via a Zoom appointment where Ps Jenni guides us to review our solitude time, process emotions and thoughts, and pray together. This happens on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. One is at night, while the other is in the morning.

 What to do?

  1. Download the guide provided for your personal solitude. A new one is uploaded every 1st and 3rd week of the month.

  2. Set aside a specific time and place (yes, make an appointment with God) - 30mins at least.

  3. Arrange not to be interrupted (for e.g. turn off Notifications on your phone)

  4. Have your journal, Bible and writing materials on hand. 

  5. Use the guide, and enjoy being with God!

  6. Take note of the Group Sojourning time and join the community over Zoom for some deep sharing.

Group Sojourning Hour via Zoom

Date: 14 Oct 2021 (Thu)

Time: 2030 hrs (night)

Zoom details: pls check back a few days before the event

The guide for this session is ready for download in the link below.

Upcoming Group Sojourning Hours:

- 14 Oct 2030 hrs (night)

- 28 Oct 0830 hrs (morning)

- 11 Nov 2030 hrs (night)

- 25 Nov 0830 hrs (morning)

Ps Jenni is responding to a call of God to move the narrative in city-living towards a more life-giving tone. If you would like to support our movement, you may do so through:

  • Giving (contact us for details)

  • Inviting others to join, yes! 

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