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Embrace the mystery that you are

Our lives are a Story, an Act , and a Mystery.

We are familiar with story – we tell it to ourselves and to others, with our selfies as visual aid.

We learn to hone the act – with all our schooling and training.

Mystery, however, is discomfiting. It rips from our clutch the sense and power we feel we have. Yet, it confronts all of us – whether we face a conundrum, experience mental anguish or have to mourn a deep, permanent loss… we find ourselves feeling lost and our skin no longer fit.

But who do we tell? Grin and bear, grit and solider on?

Growing up in functional Singapore, it is easy to become performative and with that, competitive.

All of us carry within us, measures of doubt and anxiety. The Bible describes this condition as well as the hope for it:

If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything

~ I John 3v20

Bewildered. Weary. Unsure. Even, Despair.

These states are the territory of Mystery as our efforts to join the dots will fall short. Asking endless ‘why’, ‘what if’,’ perhaps’… and finding that no one knows the answer.

If we pull back from this encroachment of Mystery, we will have to prop up our Story and our Act.

Or, we can allow the setback, surprise and shock to lead us to gifts that we may never find on our own.

By Slowing down.

Via Savouring the juices of life’s nuances.

Through Serving through the dark night with our little light.


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