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Companions for a Season

To really live can require us to be accompanied by trained help at some point. Within the TRL community where we seek to support each other towards abundant living, you can find such companions. Each of these is qualified and able in their fields and experience to help you. However, they do not represent TRL, but serve you in their personal capacity. Please feel free to reach out to them personally and consider how they can be a timely companion and resource for you at this point in your journey.



Hi, I'm Pastor Jenni. I believe that each one is eternally precious and filled with unique potential. Both of these can be lost to us due to experiences we endured. But we can be healed and embark on a journey of restoration. 


For over thirty years I have journeyed with individuals offering solace, Scripture, and spiritual counsel. If you are seeking to build yourself up from the roots and willing to commit to the intention for restoration, drop me a brief note for a Soul Conversation.


Hi, I am Aletheia Chan and I am an experienced Christian counselor who deals with mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. I am also a coach-in-training with the International Leadership Coaching Academy. I offer life, executive, and leadership coaching focusing on emotional intelligence and cultural influences.


Hi, I’m Vincent. As a Certified Relationship Coach, I specialized in coaching individuals and couples to
improve communication, rebuild connection, and strengthen relationships.


I am also an Integrative Relational Trauma Therapist and a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist. My
specialisation is in helping people to recover and heal from the pain of traumatic experiences and
childhood traumas. I am also experienced with helping adults and youths with depression, anxiety,
ADD/ADHD, and other mental health issues.


Have you ever wondered what is the deeper purpose of your life? Have you ever thought where you are
now and where you would want to be?

Hi, my name is Susan and I am a certified coach for 10 years, with a focus on workplace, leadership, and
parenting. I help people to discover their strengths, aspirations and potential to achieve greater impact in
their phase of life.

My passion lies in seeing people develop and live a purposeful life. I am also a mother to 2 young adults and enjoy coaching conversations for deepening relationships.

If you would like to see transformational results in your life, I would love to have a chat with you.


Hi, I’m Cindy. I believe that people are special in their own way and they should be embraced for who they
are. People always have good reasons for what they do and are capable of stewarding their own lives.
Coaching is a journey to empower individuals to discover their unique design and devise their personal
effective way of moving towards their personal and professional goals.

Since early 2018, I have been a certified life coach with training approved by International Coaching
Federation, to empower those who desire to have breakthroughs in life.

Breakthroughs are challenging to create because change is more a function of motivation than information.

Hence, I started Heart Bulbs Pte Ltd to ignite individuals' heart bulbs to infinite possibilities.

Do you desire breakthroughs in life (overcome a difficult past, achieve a career goal, attain a new personal best, improve a relationship etc.)? Let’s create possibilities one conversation at a time.

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