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Book Club

Read and Share 

A new TRL Read-Share Book Club starting in April 2024, where we will be reading short articles at each session and explore what it means to embrace #Rest and #ToReallyLive 

Five Sundays @ 4pm over Zoom

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Dates & Articles

1) 28 April: How to Actually Get Some Rest for Once – The Growth Equation

2) 05 May: Balancing Rhythms of Rest and Work (Overview) | Theology of Work

3) 12 May: The Serviceberry – Robin Wall Kimmerer

4) 19 May: One Weekly Habit That May Bring On a Revolution for Human Thriving

5) 26 May: A Retreat Experience


Click here for more info on articles and the Zoom link to join.
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Ps Jenni is responding to a call of God to move the narrative in city-living towards a more life-giving tone. If you would like to support our movement, you may do so through:

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