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City living is fast and hurried. Speed can be useful and critical. But often, it also becomes dangerous.

 We miss details. We feel rushed. We get tired, and overwhelmed.

What if God’s pace is not like ours?



Awakened senses connect our body with emotions and our spiritual nature.

They cultivate appreciation, gratitude and joy in the present moment. 

What if God's life-giving presence is right here, right now?



Meeting the needs of others in sensible, sustainable ways turns around to fill us up.

Very counter-cultural but O, so true.

What if God's provision is found in an economy of serving others?

Slow. Savour. Serve.

Life began in a garden

A place of beauty, fragrance, interconnected wonder, surprises... life -- surging forth. So we long for this sense of organic stability and flourish. Cities on the other hand, are built environments, and many aspire to include and even become gardens. But how we feel the crunch and squeeze, the pressure and stresses. Honestly, our hearts know that the garden needs to be recovered by each one of us, within us. Do you sense it too? Then come join us on our journey and adventure to feel, think and live differently, re-tuning to a garden of flourish.

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