Experiments and Experiences

Over the years, Ps Jenni has run various programs in her dream to help others live with authenticity, integrity and courage. This has required strengthening the soul-core, awakening senses, refreshing imaginations. Here are some things that we have done.


We look forward to curate and organise more experiments and experiences for this community and for those seeking a deeper connection with God, self and others.

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Image by Bas van den Eijkhof

Quiet Mornings

How we start our day sets the tone for the rest of the day. Over the years, whether alone or with friend, first on site at the iconic St Andrew’s Cathedral in the heart of Singapore city, then over Zoom… a community is learning to slow down, cultivate solitude and rest in God’s love.



City living is busy and noisy. After the launch of her book, Be Still And Know: treasures from silence to transform your life, Jenni thought of spaces where we are asked to be silent. More than just refraining from making noise, what if we used these spaces as opportunities to be less afraid of silence, to befriend it as an invitation to slow and savour? 


Retreats for Beginners

Taking a break to really rest, not a vacation, can be daunting. What does one do? We love these beginner retreats that gently guides us to get comfortable with the quiet, to relax and enjoy being alone, and find that Joy can be such a sweet gift without fanfare.


Shepherds' Shalom

2019 birthed a vision to encourage the city’s pastors to disrupt and dive for the subterranean stream of Eternal Love. Covid seemed to upend it, but in fact, made it more obvious that it was necessary. So with a group of artists, we curate monthly mini-retreats, just for our pastors.

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